The World Keeps On Burning

In an Ariana Grande concert arena, 22-year-old Salman Abedi fastens his backpack, and prepares his sophisticated bomb for terror (or justice, pending on your beliefs). After likely issuing one last prayer to Allah, he envisions the eternal blissful afterlife that he "knows" awaits him, and detonates the bomb. In an instant, Salman is eviscerated, and deadly nuts and bolts rain out of the explosion, into a crowd of teenage girls.

22 are dead, more than 50 people are hurt, and it's just another day here on planet Earth in the 21st century.

The sad truth is, this growing body count of murder, terror, and suffering, apparently still isn't enough. Collectively, we haven't had our fill yet of these absurdly misguided tragedies. I know this because of how the world responds when something like this happens. We do it every time. It's as certain as death and taxes.

We pray.

We pray for Paris. We pray for Manchester. We pray most recently for Marawi City, where ISIS has just recently occupied areas and began to burn houses, schools, and jails. To me, and anyone else who's keeping score, praying to end religious inspired suffering is like trying to fire fight a burning building with a fucking flame thrower.

I know this can be tricky to understand with your head bowed, your eyes closed, and you're chanting of something to your inner narrative, so please allow me to help illustrate my point. If you could please raise your head up and open your eyes, I want to show you something below. 


Literally billions of people were praying around the world when this happened. Many of which, were actually praying to the same god that Salman Abedi did right before he went to claim his "paradise". Do you see? When you pray, you give credence to these beliefs whether you like it or not. When you give credence to these beliefs, you're essentially prolonging more religious suffering.
It doesn't matter if this is your intention or not. This is what happens when people believe in these iron age doctrines. It always has happened, it is still happening, and we would be fools to think it won't happen again.

Billions were praying, and an eight-year-old girl is now dead. Other teenage girls with big dreams are dead. Mothers are now dead, and they've left behind the weight of suffering for their families, friends and communities. They now join the body count of tens of thousands of others since we've been tracking terror attacks in the 70's. That's not even taking into account all the Christian inspired atrocities of faith healing children to an early grave, birthing hate movements against the LGBTQ community, and aiding and abetting pedophiles in the clergy who are raping children at an unquantifiable degree, to simply name a few examples on the big list.

The world is burning, people. And it's about fucking time we stopped trying to fight it with a flame thrower. We need to stop being selfish and unreasonable with our own desire for eternal happiness, and start being real about what we're doing to our fellow man. You want to help prevent another attack? Quit allying yourself with these toxic doctrines. Invent your own God. Write your own doctrine. Whatever. 

Your God of Abraham is causing more harm than good, and he doesn't seem to be listening to prayers by the billions. It's about time you put him in the same category with the millions of other "false" gods. Only then can we start to make a real difference.