Ranting for Reason #1 - Athletes that believe in the divine intervention of their games

Welcome to our first edition of Ranting for Reason!

This is going to be a fun opportunity for the contributors here at RIR to vent anything that's on our minds. No format, no censorship - Just pure expression of freedom of speech, and as always, we welcome and encourage all feedback. 

I would like to kick start this project off with something that's been annoying me for a LONG time, and since today is Super Bowl 51 Sunday, it's especially appropriate.

Topic - Athletes that believe in the divine intervention of their games

Russell Wilson claims that shortly after he threw that one yard interception to seal defeat against the Patriots in Super Bowl 49, God spoke to him and said, " 'I'm using you ... I want to see how you respond. But most importantly, I want them to see how you respond."

Hey Russell, your God is supposed to be omniscient, remember? He already knew how you would respond before he even created Adam and Eve. What a stupid fucking thing for an all knowing God to say to you. Meanwhile, while he was telling you he wanted to see how'd you respond, when he already knew how you'd respond, he was allowing a little girl somewhere to be raped and murdered. He was also seemingly unavailable to all of the children's cancer wards, just so he could divinely will you to throw that interception and lose the big game. You give him credit for fucking your game, pretending to care how you'd respond, and ignoring the natural disasters that are killing millions of innocent people that are actually praying to him for help?

Fuck off. If you're right about what you said, then your God is a total piece of shit. The fact that you can't see that, proves how toxic and intellectually debilitating religion is on the mind. Get some help, wake the fuck up, and please don't teach any children you may bear about your delusional ignorance. Let's end the regressive cycle.