Flat Earth Society

Did you know that at least thousands of people appear to still genuinely subscribe to the Flat Earth Society? The group was originally founded in the early 1800s, and inspired by a literal interpretation of bible passages (I really was trying to avoid religion this time, but it seems every time I pick up a bad idea to discuss, it's lying right underneath it.)


Generally speaking, it's a network of people that consider themselves free thinkers and conspiracy theorists. It would seem that within the school of thought "Question everything", they unknowingly acquired denialism. In their defense, it's a trait that even an elected world leader can operate under, so let's not be too harsh here (I didn't say his name, count it!). Instead lets think of a solution to this age old question and finally put it to rest.


I submit,  if we could find a subscriber with the resources that could take groups of these people to the edge of the world and discover the truth, then we could finally stamp out this ignorance for our future generations. Hmm...


In other news, Kyrie Irving is in the early stages of a five-year $94 million contract extension, and makes another $11 million a year in endorsements and royalties.

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