Thoughts on Roe V Wade and our annual ritual

January 26th marked the annual “Pro-Life March” in the nation’s capital, and with it came the annual conversation. Still as controversial and divisive as ever, the issue of abortion spares no emotional outburst. Too often I think, we fall into our narrow view and forget to genuinely acknowledge the opposing perspective. We seem to just give each other the middle finger out of habit, and carry on our way. “Fuck off, and goodbye sir”. Don’t get me wrong, it can feel therapeutic to vent, but it seems to rarely accomplish any good. When you have a clear understanding of someone’s reasoning, and what drives them, any lingering animosity tends to dissipate.Therefore, given how common it is for an online discussion on abortion to EXPLODE!…I don’t believe we take the time to relate to one another as often as we probably should. I’m pro-choice, and my hope with this blog is to provide a little insight for a frustrated pro-lifer.

The first thing we need to remind ourselves with is that no one likes abortion. No one.
It should always be a tough decision to make, and anyone who were to use it as a premeditated plan B to their night of fun, should be absolutely abhorred. We don’t fight for that cause. But nonetheless we fight, because we recognize that the world has an infinite number of variables that can affect a pregnancy, and a potential mother’s thoughts. It is a common mistake to take one person’s story, and believe that to be sufficient in understanding them all. Here are just a few examples to consider;

Some women get severely sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (which means "excessive vomiting during pregnancy"). They may feel like something is terribly wrong with their pregnancy, or worse, they sometimes actually feel like they’re dying - Think of morning sickness times 100. Please appreciate the thoughts a mother could have in this condition. Should the government force a terrified woman to continue to suffer in this way? What if she were just a teen?

Some women may learn their unborn baby is afflicted with some terrible disease, or disability, that will greatly reduce their child’s life span, or at best, their quality of life. Is it wrong for a mother to not want to raise a child in a projected life of suffering? Should government make such a deep and emotional decision for her?

Perhaps a woman gets pregnant during an abusive relationship. She knows if the father finds out, he would have rights to her baby as well. If she expects the worse to come from raising a child in this hostile environment, would you say her government always knows better?

I think it’s on this scale of compassion where we can identify the core differences between both sides. Pro-lifers seem to have more compassion for the unborn baby, and less for the mother. Whereas, pro-choice is more concerned with the suffering of both mother AND child, and less on the suffering of a young fetus. It’s a tough thing to think about, but under some of the most unfortunate circumstances, it’s reasonable to assume the young fetus suffers far less than the unwanted toddler. I would ask any passionate pro-lifer to please consider this before you deem someone as simple as a “baby killer”.

We could go on and on imagining these infinite circumstances that can make each situation unique, and we can trust by sheer volume in population these situations to be real. To be pro-choice, is to acknowledge that a one-sided ruling won’t always possess the wisdom of being the best solution. We can’t always just fall on “two wrongs don’t make a right”, or “there’s always adoption”. To do so would completely ignore the vast and most unfortunate realities that women are forced to deal with. I hope this provides a bit of a clarity into your considerations, and enables a more calming approach to this heated topic.

I’d like to address Christians specifically with my final point - For those of you who feel inspiration from God as you fight for your pro-life cause, I genuinely wonder if you’ve ever considered the implication of the following statistics. It’s projected, that 50% of all conceptions end in a miscarriage, without the mother ever knowing she was pregnant. Once a pregnancy is recognized, about 20% of those result in a miscarriage as well. Conclusively, we can observe that if God exists, he’s the most profound abortionist of all time.

Thanks for reading,
Thanks for thinking.


"It's funny cause it's true" -Jesus Christ

"It's funny cause it's true"
-Jesus Christ