We're All Atheists!

There's no real way to count all of the gods that mankind has worshiped since our origin. Pending on the definition of the word "god" and how the word is perceived and translated across all the world's cultures, there could be literally hundreds of millions of deities that man has genuinely believed to exist. Please take a moment to appreciate that. There have been hundreds of millions of "gods" that mankind has believed to be real.

Interesting, isn't it? Regardless of which god or gods are real, we can all agree that at least most of them are not.  How many of you wake up each morning and pray to Zeus for an optimal harvest? Have you ever shouted a "Thanks buddy!" to Atlas for carrying our world on his back? Perhaps you rub your Poseidon charm as you approach your favorite deep sea fishing location.. Perhaps, but I suspect not.

I bring this up because there is still quite a stigma on the word "atheist". Billions of people today think negatively on the idea that someone could lack sufficient evidence to believe in a particular god, while simultaneously knowing exactly what it feels like to not believe in other gods. Look no further than Gallop and Pew Research polls and you'll learn in some cases, atheists are distrusted even more than rapists. "Yikes." 
This is an extraordinary reality because technically we're all atheists on some level.

The reason the distrust is so high, despite our common ground in disbelief, is primarily because of the Iron Age doctrine that calls for the sword, so to speak, to anyone who is a disbeliever. A look back in history will show the Bible and the Koran both do a magnificent job of inspiring the murder of atheists. Passages like Deuteronomy 13:6-10 among many others, have had everything to do with the torture and death of countless people, who's only crime in question was their unconvinced belief in the God of Abraham. Lucky for us, not every religious man today is a fundamentalist. We really do appreciate your "cherry picking". 

Fast forward to the 21st century and all those picked cherries, and we still have 13 countries where it's a capital offense to disbelieve in "god number 1,000,000,001" -- otherwise known as Allah. I say again, it's the year 2016, and you can be LEGALLY put to death if you're unconvinced that Islam is a religion of peace. Holy shit. It's taxing to try to wrap your head around that. I digress.

The point is, apparently there are still some colossal misconceptions about what it means to be an atheist, and I wanted to clear the air. Speaking to theists here, I assure you our morals are very comparable to yours. In fact, any simple observation on your end will confirm that. Contrary to popular belief, we don't drink the blood of infants, nor do we worship the devil that we don't believe in. Please understand that we didn't really choose to disbelieve in your stories, and therefore deserve to be tortured forever according to them, they just failed to make us believe in them. Other than that, we're the same.

We're all atheists, friends. Thanks for your time.