VIDEO: Christian Girl 'Disproves' Fossil Science

A great (probably not the right word) example of the dangers of tainted logic. We fully support logic and reason, but only when they are approached without the lens of passion. Even logic and reason can be swayed by the blinders we put up when we so badly want to believe something.

This happens in science, with biased researchers or research funded by the very companies being looked into, politics, when people want to support a candidate blindly even when their policies go against their best interest, and most commonly in religion.

The main point of this woman's 'argument' is that the scientific community theorized the existence of dinosaurs before finding the first fossils, then when they found the fossils they forced them into the shapes of dinosaurs in order to fit their belief.

First off, this is flat-out false. The first scientifically documented fossils were uncovered in 1676, and at the time believed to be from a large human. The first mention of dinosaurs (or something like them) was in 1824. So, that argument is completely false.

However, even IF science had theorized dinosaurs before finding fossils, that wouldn't automatically mean their findings were tainted. That is the point of science and the scientific method... that by through vigorous testing using the scientific method, peer review, and unbiased reasoning, you are able to theorize and (with a good enough theory) able to predict certain outcomes. This is how we were able to accomplish space flight, and how scientists are able to predict the positions of stars and planets without having yet observed them.

Now, this isn't what happened with the dinosaurs, since again, the records show that fossils were indeed discovered before dinosaurs were theorized, but it does serve as another layer of showing how bunk this girls argument is.

As of right now, her lovely video has about 600 likes and over 18,000 dislikes. So, make sure to head over to Youtube and let her know what you think! If we're going to give her more views, we might as well make them for a good reason; truth.

May reason always hold the reins of passion. Enjoy!