Quote by Frank Herbert: “Reason is the first victim of strong emotion"

Let's all start this morning by taking a deep breath...

Feel better?...No?...Well try again.
The country has spoken and there is shock and awe in our psyche. Donald Trump is the next president of the United States of America. Let's be clear as to how this happened. 

Anger drove this election with fear riding shotgun. There are lots of reasons Americans were angry heading to the voting booth Tuesday, but the one we can all align with is the contempt for our political system. This is a political revolution, nauseating as it may be to you, and it began with people's unrest across the nation. There are so many things we all want to say, so many fingers we want to point, and so many expletives we want to vent, and I suspect we will get to all of that soon enough. The most important thing to deal with first, however, is our fear.

Strong emotion destroyed reason in this election. People lost their shit to the extent that we literally elected a man who appeared to have no eligibility whatsoever to be our next President. Now it's on us to not lose our shit again. We will be best served to remain calm, and not get caught up in any hysteria that our brains give us. A wait and see approach will keep us functioning at our optimal level. We need to be strong for our kids and strong for each other. Do not let the fear of tomorrow be detriment to the reality of today.

The message of this site is "reason is rising", and I can't think of a more perfect ground zero to launch this campaign from.