What does it all mean?

Well folks, we've finally done it. After almost three years of spit-balling, pipe dreaming, and resource hoarding Reason Is Rising has finally come to fruition. What started as a simple idea in Phil's head has become a full fledged entity bigger than either of us could have imagined. To our long time listeners, sponsors, and supporters, we thank you from the bottom of our lustful hearts.

But, as many of us do on a daily basis, you may be asking, "What does it all mean?"

In this case, what it all means is that we now have a home on the internet where we can express our ideas, trumpet our causes, and share our projects on bigger scale than ever before. Hopefully, with your help, we will carve out a home for free thinkers from all point on the spectrum of belief.

Yes, we are a website for atheists, humanists, and non-believers. But, we're also a website for Christians, Agnostics, and Muslims too. I myself do not identify as a true atheist.

What we hope to accomplish is two things...

A) Curate a modernized and artfully crafted home for "non-believers", offering education, commerce, and community. Most of what's out there right now are some GREAT resources, butlook like they came out of 1995 and often times come across just as preachy as the religions they condone. The age of reason is upon us, and now more than ever, we need a presence that reflect this modern human era of advancement and compassion.

B) Most importantly, we aim to show that it's possible for followers and non-believers to co-exist in harmony, and benefit from each others experiences and ideas. While I do not personally believe that there is a god in the sky, it's quite far fetched actually, I do believe that religion does and always will serve an important function in human society. Even believers and non-believers can be further divided into smaller individual segments with their own varying levels of belief and ritual. I feel like every Christian friend I have is a different type of Christian. And, that's totally ok! By starting this type of dialogue, not only can we help find common ground between all walks, but also help people come to terms with their own personal belief.

Long winded? Yes. But, I feel like it has to be said. I've spent so much time getting things together for this launch, designing a website, logos, blah blah blah, that it feels good to verbalize everything and get it out in the ether. Needless to say I'm ready for the adventure.

We hope to be utilizing this blog quite a bit and have found some great contributors. Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

Thanks for being here everyone.

- Leif