Remembering the 2015 Paris attacks

November 13, 2016, marked the one year anniversary of the Paris terror attacks that resulted in at least 130 dead, and hundreds wounded, and I thought it would be appropriate to remember and review what happened that day. Suicide bombers armed with assault weapons attacked highly populated stadiums, cafes and restaurants. They gunned down men, women, and children while shouting"ALLAH AKBAR!" (God is greater).

This has often been the last thing that victims of ISIS hear before they're murdered. Among these victims have been literally hundreds of children in various assaults including elementary schools. The tragedy in Paris, and others like it, serve to remind us how detrimentally influential scripture can be. We're talking about a global indoctrinated evil whose assailants feel that what they are doing is righteous in their God's eyes. It's literally "good" to kill in these respects, or so they believe. The origin of Allah Akbar, comes directly from the Hadith, during Mohammed’s genocide of the Jews. Luckily only a small portion of Muslims can subscribe to these same horrific ideologies, but that doesn't mean that Islam or ANY "misinterpreted" scripture, for that matter, gets a pass.

Dozens of mourning people captured during civil service in remembrance of November 2015 Paris attacks victims

Dozens of mourning people captured during civil service in remembrance of November 2015 Paris attacks victims

When the root of your enemy is divine inspiration, you can't end that with a tank or a helicopter. You can't end that by arming every single person with a gun. You can't eliminate terrorism by dropping bombs. Sorry "Merica" It's a chronic reoccurring poison that is being taught to people, often forcibly with terminal alternatives. Many of the attackers today are likely victims of a nightmarish upbringing that most of us are lucky enough to not even be able to comprehend. So what do we do?

Many people took to social media to show their support for France by sharing the #Prayers4Paris, Ironic in my opinion, but it gave me an idea. I asked for a favor from all of my Christian friends.  I said;

"The easiest way to end this butchery is for your God to prove his existence to the Muslim world. PLEASE PRAY FOR YOUR CHRISTIAN GOD TO PROVE HIS EXISTENCE AND THEREFORE END ISLAM! If your god proves he exists to the world then ISIS will stop. No one will give a shit about drawing a cartoon of Muhammad. No one will fall victim to the theocracy of Sharia Law. Innocent children will no longer be forced to convert to Islam or face death, and peaceful Muslims will no longer have to burn in hell for all of eternity. It will all come to an end. Your god is an all powerful good god that can do anything he wants, and I'm sure you have already prayed for far less important matters than the salvation of billions of souls. PLEASE PRAY!"

Well we all know how that went. *Sigh*
Phish wrote a song about it. I'll leave you with it.

As always, thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thank you so much for thinking.